What the Critics Are Saying

The Family, Sundays at 9 on ABC

  • “Stalked by his own rage and something, perhaps, even darker, McCarthy allows Hank the tics and reactions of a man coming to grips with sudden freedom. The power of the performance quickly makes Hank the most interesting character in the show.”—LA Times

    “…McCarthy’ scene stealing performance as a character who might be as misunderstood as Boo Radley, or might truly be the bogeyman of our worst nightmares.”—Philadelphia Inquirer

    “As for Hank, McCarthy (gives a) strangely soulful, enigmatic performance…”—Time Magazine

  • “The real star of the series is McCarthy. He permeates every scene he’s in with quiet dread and heartfelt sympathy. It’s a layer, against type performance…”—Settle Post Intelligencer

    “It's McCarthy who makes the biggest impression as Hank, his excellent performance hangs in the balance between beleaguered and truly sinister.”—

    “McCarthy, playing far against type, gives Hank an incredible amount of nuance. His performance anchors the series…”—Collider